• Get back lost files from SD card, USB drive, hard drive, FireWire drive, etc.
  • Software has a separate build for Windows and Macintosh operating system
  • Supports lost file restoration from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+ and HFSX
  • Retrieve lost files due to power surge or improper shut down

There are so many places where you store your files like hard drives, memory card, USB drive or many other places. Due to the presence of a file system, these are considered to be a safe storage places. Keeping your files in the custody of file systems is good but not entirely safe. When a file system collapses, you just won’t get access to your files. The collapse might be due to virus infectivity, file system corruption, bad sector on drive, boot failure etc. With no access to files, they are deemed to be lost. Nobody wants to lose their files.

Restore lost file from various operating system:

There are so many ways where you lost your file from Windows or Mac operating system then you need to recover your lost file, there is a way to retrieve your lost file. Lost file recovery software supports files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT formatted partitions in Windows operating system and HFSX, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32 formatted partitions / volumes on Mac OS X. This software also helps to restore lost file from Android operating system.

Get back lost Photoshop files:

Photoshop files that are the edited files of your images. This file format supports all the features of Photoshop. You can edit your photos and add different attractive effects using Photoshop. You can merge photos into a single photo using Photoshop. It helps you to add or delete the portion of the photo and give a good finishing touch to the photos. This makes the images to be loaded fast. If Photoshop file lost due to any reasons then you can recover lost Photoshop file by using lost file recovery software, To know more about lost Photoshop file click here.

Retrieve lost media files from storage device:

Photos are always precious to everyone. There are so many ways to store your pictures. SD cards are mostly used in digital camera, iPod, mobile phones, and various electronic gadgets for storage due to its small size. It is very painful when you lost your precious pictures from SD card. So if you want to retrieve lost images from SD card then you can use lost file recovery software.

Need to restore lost Word document:

Microsoft Office is very important and helpful for creating, viewing, editing and saving Word file, Excel file, Outlook file and so many other files. It allows the users to perform word processing. There are so many reasons for loss of Word document, then you can use lost file recovery software. To know about lost Word document recovery move ahead.

Tips to get rid of loss of file:

  • Make sure that you are taking proper backup of data before formatting / reformatting hard drive.
  • Always safely remove the SD card from your computer.
  • Have an updated anti-virus program to remove harmful virus from computer.

Recent Updates:

Deleted Partitions Recovery Software: Facing data loss after deletion of partition on Windows or Mac PC! In that case make use of this deleted partitions recovery software to recover deleted partitions. It allows user to recover photos, audio, video, document and other files that are lost due to partition deletion.

Recover Lost PDF File: Have you mistakenly deleted or lost PDF files from your system? Then, use Lost File Recovery tool to get back your PDF files with few simple steps. For more details follow this link: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/restore-pdf-files.html

Lost NTFS Partition Recovery: It is very easy to recover lost NTFS partition using lost file recovery software. Using its robust scanning engine, you can scan and restore all types of data from lost NTFS disk partition within few simple steps. For more queries, visit this link: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/lost-ntfs-partition-recovery.html

How to Recover Deleted Logical Drive in XP: If you have deleted the partition from Windows XP Operating System and have lost all vital data from it, then just make use of Lost File Recovery application. It helps you to get back partition on all versions of Windows OS with great ease. For more details on deleted partition recovery on Windows 8, you can simply click over here: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/how-to-recover-deleted-logical-drive-in-xp.html .

How to Recover Lost Sticky Notes on Mac: Now, it is very much easy and simple task to recover lost or deleted sticky notes on Mac computer by making use of Lost File Recovery software. It’s an effective app, which is capable of recovering more than 300 types of files that includes pictures, videos, songs, etc. For more queries, you can log on to: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/how-to-recover-lost-sticky-notes-on-mac.html.

Recover Deleted HFS Partition: Have you mistakenly deleted HFS partition from Mac computer? Do you want to recover the deleted partition? Then, use Lost File Recovery tool and within few moments get back deleted HFS partition. To know more follow this link: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/recover-deleted-hfs-partition.html

Recover Files after Reinstalling Mac OS X: If you have reinstalled the Mac OS X of your computer and lost important files from it, then don’t get worried just make use of lost file recovery software and get back your files. To know more, just log on to: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/recover-files-after-reinstalling-mac-os.html.

Recover Lost Partition on Windows Server 2003: Losing a partition causes severe problems as you may be losing many important files. The best solution is to use Lost File Recovery utility that helps to get back lost partition and in turn recovers all your important data without any modification in them without missing a single one. For more information about lost partition recovery from Windows Server 2003, click here: www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/recover-lost-partition-on-windows-server-2003.html

How to Recover Missing DLL Files in Windows 7: If your system’s DLL files have been lost form Windows 7, then do not worry try out one of the most popular tool called Lost File Recovery. To know more about this tool’s working procedure visit here: www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/how-to-recover-missing-dll-in-windows-7.html

Damaged External Hard Drive Recovery: Are you worried that how to perform damaged external hard drive recovery? Do not panic as you can easily recover data from damaged external hard drive using lost file recovery tool. To know more visit here: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/damaged-external-hard-drive-recovery.html

Recover Files from Corrupted Mac Hard Drive:If you want to recover files from corrupted Mac hard drive then do not worry, make use of Lost File Recovery application which can easily get back to corrupted Mac hard drive within a few simple clicks of mouse. To know more visit the given link:  http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/files-from-corrupted-mac-hard-drive.html

Recover Documents from Formatted Hard Drive: Recently upgraded version of this application is best suited in recovery of Word files from formatted drive. You can perform this operation in easy steps through this link: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/documents-from-formatted-hard-drive.html.

Lost File Recovery from Flash Drive: For successful recovery of lost files from flash drive, recent version of this software will be most appropriate. Use this link to restore all types of data lost from your flash drive with ease: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/recover-lost-files-from-flash-drive.html.

How to Recover Lost Music Files From iPod: If you are one of those who has lost their valuable songs from iPod and looking for an application to get it back then do not worry, now you can easily recover lost songs from iPod by making use of Lost File Recovery application. To know how lost songs from iPod are retrieved, Sneak a peek over here.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Trash: Now, no need to wonder here and there about how to undelete files from Mac Trash. Lost File Recovery is the most reliable software that can easily recover deleted files from Trash on Mac with different versions easily and quickly. To know more about deleted file recovery from Trash, visit here: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/how-to-recover-deleted-files-from-trash.html

Defrag Windows 8 Hard Drive: Are you fed up with slow performance of your Windows 8 hard drive due to presence of fragmented data? Then, calm down!! Because, here is a one stop solution i.e. Remo MORE application that is capable enough to securely defrag hard drive of types SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc from Windows 8 machine within few clicks.To know complete information, click here http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/defrag-windows-8-hard-drive.html.

How to Lock Picture Folders on Android: Are you living in the threat that photo folders on Android device is prone to unauthorized access? If so, then use Remo MORE tool to password protect picture folders on Android device of numerous manufacturing brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. To know more information on how to lock photo folders on Android, click here http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/how-to-lock-picture-folders-on-android.html.

Completely Erase Hard Drive Windows 7: If you want to completely delete files from hard drive of Windows 7 computer, then make use of Remo MORE. This tool is capable enough to wipe out data from Windows 7 hard drive in a proficient manner. Follow the URL to have a glimpse on the working procedure of Remo MORE: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/completely-erase-hard-drive-windows-7.html

How to Remove Unwanted Registry Files: If you have accumulated a large number of unwanted registry files on your Windows computer then remove them with the help of Remo MORE application and improve your system performance rapidly. Visit http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/remove-unwanted-registry.html for details.

How to Maximize Internet Speed Mac: To improve internet speed in Mac you have a lot of ways. But the best way to boost up internet speed in Mac is to make use of Remo MORE application. Visit http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/how-to-maximize-internet-speed-mac.html if you want to know more about this application.

How to Recover Lost PPT Files: Given here is the ultimate tool to restore lost, missing and erased presentation files on Windows and Mac OS computers. Just visit this link for further details, www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/how-to-recover-lost-ppt-files.html

How to Compress Music Files: If you are searching for a tool to compress music files on your Windows computer, then you can make use of our Remo MORE software. Visit this link www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/compress-music-files.html for complete information on music file compression.

Duplicate File Remover for Mac: Use Remo MORE app for removing duplicate files on your Mac machine. It is the best app to search and remove all duplicate files present on your Mac based computers or laptop in an easy and efficient way. For additional info visit this page: http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/duplicate-file-remover-for-mac.html

How to Recover Lost Excel Files: Lost vital excel files after formatting your system hard drive? Now get all your excel files back with the help of lost file recovery software which is the perfect tool to recover different excel file types such as XLS, XLSX etc. Just go to http://www.verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/recover-lost-excel-files.html if you want to learn the recovery process.

Clean Junk Files on Windows 7: Is your computer working slow because of junk files? Do not worry; you can increase system performance by cleaning junk files from Windows 7 computer in a matter of seconds.  Navigate through the given link you will get complete information: verlorendateiwiederherstellung.com/en/clean-junk-files-on-windows-7.html

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