Find Lost Files from Android

Android gadgets have become the fad and craze among many mobile buyers and lovers. These phones are better known as smart phones which are using Google's Android operating system to integrate with innumerable features and applications. Android phones provide an affordable platform for downloading applications from the internet without paying a single penny. Once you have downloaded an application you don't need to pay extra for its lifetime usage. Such applications are often developed by third party software professionals and their development team. Many-a-times, mobile development companies choose Android as a platform to combine their programs and to promote them as well.

There are more than thousands of applications available in Android; the possibilities with Android phone are simply endless. Where the features and functionalities of Android give so much of power to explore things, it also has a dark side which is still hidden. This dark side is the trouble faced by the users due to the data loss issues with their Android phone. With so much possibilities people love to store their valuable stuffs in their phone, but when adverse situations come, they end up to lose their data without any option to recover it.

Lost file recovery software is advanced recovery software which is specially designed to retrieve lost file from Android. With the help of this Recovery software, you can easily recover all lost data from external SD data storage only. This software can also help to retrieve lost Photoshop file. This can be used on both Operating System including Windows and Mac. The application has a self explanatory interface and this together with an easy process makes it possible to quickly recover data.

Various factors responsible for loss of files from Android:

Unintentionally Formatting: When you connect your Android device to your computer, it displays an error message like, “The Drive is not formatted, do you wish to format it now”. This forces you to format the drive leading to complete loss of data from the phones SD card.

Wrong Usage: This is the main cause of lost file from Android device. While removing the SD card from the phone during write process or using the same card on different phone devices also leads to data loss.

Operating system corruption: When the operating system of a device collapses, it invariably leads to loss of files. For instance, if the operating system of your Android device collapses, you can use Android recovery application to restore your files.

SD card corruption: There are many reasons of SD card corruption like virus invasion, malfunctioning file system, etc. This may lead to inaccessibility of files stored in these storage devices.

Features of lost file recovery software:

Steps to recover lost files from Android:

Step 1: Connect the Android device to your PC or laptop. Download and install free trial version of Android Recovery Software for lost file. After installation select “RECOVER FILES” from main window, refer figure 1.

Lost File Recovery - Main screen

Figure 1 - Main Windows

Step 2: Select the appropriate logical drive from where you want to recover your files and then click the “Next” tab, refer figure 2.

Lost File Recovery - Select Android device

Figure 2 - Select Android device

Step 3: The recovery process will start as soon as you click the “Next” tab. Then you can view the recovered files in "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW" refer figure 3.

Lost File Recovery - View in File Type View / Data View

Figure 3 - View in File Type View / Data View

Precautionary steps to avoid loss in Android: