Clean Junk Files from Windows 7

Among many reasons which make your Windows 7 computer work slowly, presence of junk files or folder is one which impacts system performance.  It is needless to say that the feelings of working with a Windows 7 computer whose speed is like a turtle. If you are a computer user who have experienced this problem and thinking about how to clean junk files on windows 7 then your journey of thoughts ends here.  This article will give you information on how to clean junk data from your Windows 7 computer with ease. Apart from performance issue there are many other problems arise with junk files.

Generally junk files create on a system over a period of time by collecting useless files information, browsing history and outdated registry entry.  When you run an application then it creates a temporary file and put some information in that while running.  The moment application(s) is closed these temporary files are supposed to be deleted. But, sometimes it remains on your computer’s hard drive because of different reasons such as abrupt system shut down, programs error and many more unforeseen causes. These files are useless and small in size yet occupy much space on hard disk memory.

Apart from this when you install software, some folders and shortcuts on your Windows 7 desktop will be created and will not deleted in case you remove an application by deleting it. All such type of files are called junk data and serve no purpose on your computer.

Junk files or folder unnecessarily wastes memory space of hard drive on your system. If there are a lot of files or folders present on your system then chances are high that you may run out of memory. These files or folders also increase the access time of data.

Thus if you want get rid of problems created by junk files on Windows 7 computer then you have to remove these files from your system. You can delete these junk files manually, but it takes a lot of time and effort in locating those files. To ease your task of junk files cleaning, veteran software professionals have created an unique application which is versatile in nature. This tool is known as Remo MORE among the world wide users and has revolutionized the software industry with its splendid performance.   It is built on top of a very highly and advanced algorithm which helps it to search junk files from hard drive in just a fraction of seconds. It is simple by look but excellent by performance. MORE is free of cost and available online. You can download this program in just a simple click of mouse. Its eye pleasing user interface designed by highly qualified software designer gives it a special dimension of popularity word wide.  Since it is better than best and economical than rest, people are falling in love with MORE at a rapid speed. If you want to clear junk files from Windows 7 then do not waste your time use it without any hesitation for amazing result.

Steps to clean junk files on Windows 7:

  1. Download and install MORE on your system and launch it. And select "Optimize" option from Main Screen. From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option to erase history from your computer.
  2. How to Clean Junk Files on Windows 7 - Select Privacy Cleaner Option

    Fig 1: Select Privacy Cleaner Option

  3. Then next select "Clean PC Junk" tab to delete files from Window 7 as shown in the figure below.
  4. How to Clean Junk Files on Windows 7 - Clean PC Junk Option

    Fig 2: Clean PC Junk Option

  5. Now software will show you the list of junk files. Click on Clean button to remove all as shown in figure below.
  6. How to Clean Junk Files on Windows 7 - Select Clean Option

    Fig 3: Select Clean Option