Wipe Windows 7 Hard Drive

If you are a Windows 7 user and want to completely erase windows 7 hard drive, then you have come at the right place. Here you will be introduced about a very special software which is popular as Remo MORE and is developed with the aim to completely wipe data from your hard drive in just a short span of time.

Why do you need to completely delete hard drive data?

The main reason why you need to permanently delete files from hard drive Windows 7 is data security. When you delete a file from your Windows 7 hard drive, what exactly happens is that only deleted files entries are removed from file system of hard drive and space is marked as available for storing new data on it. One thing here to be noted is that deleted data will be still present there on your hard drive and can be recovered with the help of recovery software. Thus, if you have some crucial data on your hard drive and want to completely erase it from your hard drive, then simply deletion of data from hard drive is not enough. You should wipe Windows 7 hard drive throughly with the help of some reliable data eraser tool one like our Remo MORE toolkit.

Apart from this, another reason where you need to completely erase Windows 7 hard drive data is to maintain your privacy. Suppose you have a lot of data, which is useless yet sensitive, related to your business that you want to remove from your hard drive, then you need to wipe out your hard drive with the help of this special tool. By doing so, you can make sure that no third person will be able to recover data from hard drive after its deletion.

How Remo MORE erases hard drive Windows 7 data?

Remo MORE, which is a powerful and reliable data eraser tool uses standard data shredding patterns that overwrites the data multiple times leaving no traces of deleted or lost data. Data deleted using MORE is completely abolished from your computer hard drive and cannot be recovered by any mean of recovery tool.

Some Special features of Remo MORE are mentioned below:

This application is a result of hard work of highly qualified software programmers and has come into existence after many brainstorming sessions. Its user interface is designed in such a manner that it does not require any special skills for its operation. You can select your hard drive by using its browse option whose data you want to erase forever. Remo MORE is available free of cost which you can download from internet within a fraction of seconds. This tool has earned special identity across the globe for its effective and reliable result. With the help of Remo MORE, you can also erase data from memory card, SD card and other various external hard drives in a proficient manner.

Steps to permanently delete files from hard drive Windows 7:

  1. Download Remo MORE on your computer and then install it. Choose "Manage" option from main screen and then choose "Data Wipe" option as shown in figure 1.
  2. Completely Erase Hard Drive Windows 7 - Main Screen

    Figur 1: Main Screen

  3. From second screen of Remo MORE, select File Eraser as shown in figure 2. And from next screen, select "Erase Hard drive/ Partition" option to completely delete Windows 7 hard disk.
  4. Completely Erase Hard Drive Windows 7 - Select File Eraser

    Figur 2: Select File Eraser

  5. Now, select your Windows 7 hard drive which you want to wipe out from the list of given logical drives and confirm your action by selecting OK option.
  6. Completely Erase Hard Drive Windows 7 - Select Hard Drive

    Figur 3: Select Hard Drive

  7. As soon as you click on next button, Remo MORE will start erasing the files completely out of hard drive as shown in figure 4.
  8. Completely Erase Hard Drive Windows 7 - Wiping Hard Drive

    Figur 4: Wiping Hard Drive