Tool for Music File Compression

In today’s digital world, as we all know that all the digital storage devices like computers and laptops are highly equipped with large amount of music file collection. Most of the people love to collect music files of various types like movies, albums, etc. as a part of their obsession. All these music files stored on your computer’s hard drive will occupy more amount of hard disk storage space. At certain point of time, if you want to save some important data onto your system’s hard disk, then due to least memory space, you will fail to add new files. Therefore, it is recommended to compress all the precious audio tracks and save them in compressed form as this will reduce the file size of audio files and eat up less amount of your hard drive memory area. It also makes easier in case you want to transfer large number of music files at one single time from one computer to another or sharing them via emails over internet.

Now, the most common question that comes in your mind is how to compress music files on computer. By using some reliable third party music file compressor, one can easily Zip music files on their Windows based computers and laptops. Compression of music files must be done with great care. So, it is very much essential to select right tool for music file compression as this will avoid you to make you to face any kind of data loss disaster during the process of compressing music files. Among various applications available over internet, Remo MORE suit is highly advanced and most trustworthy software. MORE toolkit comes up with high end compression levels that will compress the audio files on your system safely with great ease and less effort.

With our Remo MORE software, no need to worry about any kind of quality loss as the software works in read only mode and uses lossy compression, which will reduce the audio file size without affecting the output. The original data of your music file will not be modified in the compression process. This effective software is designed and introduced by technical experts having years of experience. So, one can trust on this tool in order to compress their music files that too within a matter of time. Once the audio files are compressed, they will have a smaller size when compared to its original file size, which also saves hard drive space on your computer. After compressing music files by using this App, the music files are even perfect for web use as it would be quite easy to stream the compressed file online.

Key features of Remo MORE utility:

Guide on how to compress music files using Remo MORE:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE software on the hard disk of your Windows PC. Run the application and select “Manage” option from the home screen and choose “Compress & Burn” option from manage main screen as in Figure A.
  2. How to Compress Music Files - Select Compress & Burn Option

  3. From the next screen, select “Zip” option. Then, choose “Create New Rzip File” option to compress audio files as in Figure B.
  4. How to Compress Music Files - Create New Rzip File Option

  5. Select the path to create new Zip file and then tap on "OK" button as in Figure C. In case you want to protect the compressed music files with password, then you can click on "Set Password" option otherwise you can skip this option.
  6. How to Compress Music Files - Select the Path and clcik OK

  7. Click "Add Files or Add Folders" option in order to add music files which you like to compress and then hit on "Compress" button as in Figure D.
  8. How to Compress Music Files - Click on Compress Button

  9. After completion a dialog box with a message of Compression process completed will appear on the screen. Click on OK to get back to the main screen as in Figure E.
  10. How to Compress Music Files - Compression process complete