How to Restore Missing Windows 7 DLL Files?

As a Windows 7 user if you are experiencing that your DLL files are missing from system, then do not worry, you have arrived at exactly right place here you will come to know about the simple and effective tool famous as lost file recovery that will guide you on how to recover missing DLL files in Windows 7. Most of the users due to lack of computer knowledge believe that if their data has been lost from Windows 7 computer they cannot bring it back. But, this is not the truth; the fact is that lost files are still dwelling there on your computer that can be recovered with the help of Lost File Recovery application. In case you have lost your DLL files from Windows 7, then do not worry try out this utility. You can know more about this tool from here:

There could be many possible reasons behind the loss of DLL files from your Windows 7. Some of those which are commonly occurring are mentioned under here:

Accidental Deletion: Suppose there are lots of useless files that you want to remove from your hard drive and at the moment of selection you may end up with selection of your system files which includes DLL files, then these files are also lost along with junk files. But, one can easily retrieve missing DLL files from Windows 7 system by using Lost File Recovery App.

Hard drive formatting: The other reason where your system DLL files may go missing from Windows 7 is accidental or intentional formatting of partition where DLL files are stored. If you want to format your hard drive which is having a lot junk data on it, then it is preferred to take backup of stored files before performing format operation. But, by mistake you might end up formatting your hard drive then all its data including system files are lost. After this incident, if you are thinking that how to recover missing DLL files in Windows 7, then Lost File Recovery app could be the right solution for you. With the help of this tool you can also recover pictures on SD card after format.

Virus attack: If hard drive of your computer is virus infected, then chances of your hard drive being corrupt is quite high. Once your hard drive gets corrupted then all the system files including DLL files are lost. In such situation, if you are planning to restore missing Windows 7 DLL files, then Lost File Recovery could be the finest choice of yours.

How to avoid DLL File Loss from Window 7?

There are few tips which if you keep in your mind you can avoid loss of DLL on your Windows 7. First thing is always take backup of your DLL files of Windows 7 so that in case it is deleted from your hard drive you can manage to access it from backup. Do not store anything on your hard drive once it is formatted unless you perform Windows 7 missing dll files recovery.

What are the main features of Lost File Recovery?

Guide on how to recover missing DLL files in Windows 7:

Step 1: Download and install trial version of the software on your computer and then click on “Recover Drives” option as shown in figure 1.

How to Recover Missing DLL Files in Windows 7 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After this, choose appropriate recovery option to restore missing Windows 7 DLL files as shown in figure 2.

How to Recover Missing DLL Files in Windows 7 - Select Appropriate Recovery Option

Figure 2: Select Recover Lost Photos

Step 3: From this screen you have to select your logical drive from which you want to recover DLL files as shown in figure 3.

How to Recover Missing DLL Files in Windows 7 - Select Logical Drive

Figure 3: Select Logical Drive

Step 4:Now, press on next button to restore missing windows 7 DLL files, once the Windows 7 missing dll files recovery process is over you can easily “Preview” the recovered files as shown in figure 4.

How to Recover Missing DLL Files in Windows 7 - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files